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The mission of Global Musical Bridges is to promote and support classical music, world-renowned international musicians, and music education in the United States and abroad. Like invisible bridges, music unites all countries and nations. We are committed to exposing the joy of classical music to people worldwide, thereby serving as a common bond between all cultures.



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Global Musical Bridges is (501) (C) (3) organization.

Global Musical Bridges is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to popularizing and increasing access to classical music. From providing opportunities for talented musicians from all over the world to perform and present world-class concerts, the company builds invisible bridges through the power of music.

Global Musical Bridges was founded in 2017 by a group of talented musicians and led by acclaimed musician - Siuzanna Iglidan. For the last few years, the organization has been partnering with and sponsored by the City of West Hollywood, which allows the company to present productions featuring soloists and groups of classically trained musicians from all over the world. Recent audience favorites include the New-Year Operetta Performance and specific thematic concerts dedicated to Anniversaries of Russian composers, as part of the City of West Hollywood's Russian Arts & Culture Month.

Global Musical Bridges is actively supporting and promoting young, talented musicians. In 2018, the organization founded two annual international youth music events: “Russian Rhapsody” International Youth Piano Competition (annually in Los Angeles, CA) and “Songbirds” International Youth Music Festival (annually in Denver, CO).


Siuzanna Iglidan - President & CEO

Yevgeniya Epshtein - Director of Volunteers

Tetyana Palamarchuk - Financial Director